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LA9 Sem 2 Day 6

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Today's Agenda:

1. Warm Up #5

  • Identify the 4 big dogs for your very own problems in society poem. You can use your notes...if you need them. If you were absent last class, go grab the 3 problems in society handouts from the yellow crate and identify the big dogs from any of the examples.

2. Sharing

3. Onomatopoeia

  • On a sheet of paper write down as many onomatopoeia words as you can.
  • We shared these in class and did an activity together

4. Alliteration

  • On the back side of that paper write your favorite letter
  • Create the longest toungue twister you can using primarily that letter. It has to make sense
  • We shared these in class

5. Personification

  • Read the poems provided in class
  • Identify what is being personified
  • What is the true meaning of each of these poems? What is the author actually trying to say?

6. Write a poem personifying an object. Use as many poetic devices as you effectively can.



  • Read your lit circle book
  • Work on reaction notes #2 due 2/11 (A) 2/12 (B)
  • Concrete Poem


Due Today:

  • Reaction Notes #1
  • Problems in Society Poem

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