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LA9 Research Paper

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The LA9 Research Paper


n  Create an argumentative thesis

n  Increase student independence in the research process

n  Demonstrate writing skills for academic purposes



Goals: To improve reading, writing and research skills and develop related strategies.



Task: Students are to select a controversial issue from the SIRS Opposing Viewpoints database, choose a side, argue and support that side, address the counter-argument, and conclude the paper.



Requirements: The paper must include the following:



  1. An introductory paragraph with argumentative thesis
    1. background
    2. thesis
  2. Several body paragraphs which include primary and secondary source information (please see template for more information)
  3. A concluding paragraph that
    1. comments upon main points of the paper
    2. Leaves the reader considering the author’s position
  4. A works cited page created using Noodlebib that includes the following:
    1. MLA format
    2. A minimum of four sources of which one must be a primary source



Scoring: Please see the attached rubric for specific scoring quidelines



Citation: Summarized, paraphrased, and quoted material must be cited properly. Please see the Purdue OWL website and Noodlebib for additional help.


Helpful Links
Purdue OWL
Library Research Page


Research Paper Handouts
Day 1 - Formulating an Argument
Day 2 - Research Focus
Day 3 - Developing a Thesis statement
Research Schedule 2009
Cornell Notes
Integrating Sources
Paraphrase vs. Quotes
Research Vocabulary
S.I.R.S. Issues List
Research Paper Rubric
Research Notebook Table of Contents
Body Paragraphs Graphic Organizer









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